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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  September 30, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PDT

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the ultimate cram session for the two presidential hopefuls. dear prepping for the first prime-time debate. it makes no sense economically the debate over capital punishment in california. they weigh in on proposition 34. things are heating up and run the bay area. to be 100 degrees inland. thank you for joining us. with a lot of news to talk about an upcoming hour. and the death penalty in california a live issue with a number of voters. we look of both sides to the
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bay. the fed may come in to start investigating this case of the fire at the mayor's law office. will start with the campaign 2012. canada's took a break from the campaigns for the first debate. they sent their running mates to battleground states stumping for more votes. the gop vice president will nomination went along with difficult year. spelling out one must critical states of the campaign. they're not improving the economy when democrats controlled congress. we got around that was more deficit and more people struggling to find work. no solutions the extra work. the vice president appeal to
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voters and another battleground state. telling them that medicare will be around for future generations. the actions of the president took to strengthen the medicare trust and exceeded this life of a 2024. president obama and mitt romney are prepping for the first debate. to get help from the ohio senator will play the role of the present. and president obama will look to the massachusetts senator to stand in for mitt romney. and behind in recent polls, some campaign watchers say that mitt romney has more riding on the debates and to gain for the president the president has a chance to show is competent to stand up against the president of the nine states. and to accomplish that and wins the first debate wednesday's debates give both canada's a chance to explain it plans for health care in the economy. the women are obviously
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kinda unusual if this election. if they're more interested in men and issues affecting their pocketbook. to your daughter welcome to america. your share of the debt is over $50,000. a recent poll shows that 51 percent of men favor mitt romney and 54 percent favor president obama. the person that does not know whether next dollars and come from i'm looking for to debates. i'm hopeful that health care is the most important issue. the be listening when the kennedy space to face for the first time.
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today was another spare the air date in the bay area. the air to be unhealthy for the second day in a row. people are asked to reduce their driving tour of the day anaphoric outdoor activities in the house part of the afternoon. this coincides with the heat wave or have more on the warm-up. let's look at the weather. we should the numbers on the cool side. it's only in the mid '40's as a cosign remains will be about 70 degrees. with the full forecast of a few minutes.
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a fire that heavily damaged the law offices of alleles mayor is being investigated as an arson. the police say the fire is by disgruntled client and his law partner. if this arson is a crime against a mayor-year. and the pleas are also looking for the possibility of what they're calling domestic terrorism. because the high-profile nature of who is involved. we to bring in subject matter which is the atf, fbi and sources that this organization and have. did not confirm their involvement in the case. a tryout of a woman accused of killing a cemetery nursing student begins tomorrow. the prosecutors allege that
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she killed the 26 year-old/year and a safe every room off the relationship with the boyfriend. she disappeared from a parking lot and her body was found months later in a remote area between pleasanton and governor jerry brown has to be to the bill that requires the agency's to a court order before disrupting self-service. the target park and remember lusher the transit agency sparked a free-speech debate when it cut service during a planned protest in san francisco. the governor says it reduced the attention of a true of mercy cow train is ramping up service in the south bay. the writer should pass hit a record high. two new trees are being added. there are budget cuts are also been restored in the age train is adding two new trips to the san jose. to have secure
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stops said the school began enforcing a ban on plastic bags. it applies to all retail stores and food establishments and the city. there also be 10ยข charge on any of the baxter given to customers. the judge denied a motion to put the ban on holes. that is a big reminder to bring your backs. signs for hope of the california economy. we talked to experts about the latest trends. voters take a proposition 34. the campaign to make california when the states and nations to abolish the death penalty where he kicked off his world record attempts. we'll be right back.
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at park we have one day for the bay area. mr. a the sunshine, finished up way too.
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will california joined other states to limit the death
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penalty? is the most closely watched measures on the ballot. of former prosecutor who wrote the lot back to '70s is now behind proposition 34 california spend billions of dollars trying to enforce capital punishment. $4 billion. so far 57 inmates have died from natural causes and 13 were executed. and we've been looking in detail at both sides of this issue. we talk with the campaign manager for yes on 34. but the measure to the voters approved. are replaced the death penalty with life in prison without possibility of parole. it requires every person convicted of murder to work in prison and pay restitution. the
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death row inmates and private selves position to for content and that a person to work. it would say that a hundred and $30 million every year will be saved for many years to come. we're talking money spent on appeals money spent on trowels appeals, surprisingly on death row housing. keeping the people in the single cells is much more expensive the putting him in the general prison population. in every aspect is more expensive. that includes the health care to give to them in and she said we're more likely to die of natural causes the be executed to connect to save an enormous amount of money by ending death row housing and putting as prisoners into the general prison population. plus the money we save from the appellate process is only needed in the death penalty cases with the disturbing things of this proposition is that it would be applied retroactively
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to people who are serving the party been sentenced to death are suddenly the people will no longer be facing that punishment and what you say to crime victims and it did not want softened. their hundreds of murder victims' families to support proposition 34 including people have been threw out death penalty trials themselves. and many of those individuals are actively supporting proposition 34 in california we've only execute 1% of the people it sends to death. the miss california death penalty is a false promise for victims. 99% of time we like the victims say we killed carry out the execution. all we do is drag them through decades of appeals. they think is better for the victims is interesting because this is not the first time the voters have not been asked to decide. as a come to the voters?
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this the first time that the voters have decided to change the policy. did never been given the option before. is never been presented to voters. the arguments have been that the question of difficulty more and not money. that triggered the change in tactics. the voters have never been given a chance to replace the death penalty without the possibility of parole. didn't ask to want to pull back the death penalty if you want to expand the death penalty in and asked to vote on judges to take positions on the death penalty. this the first time ever voters will be given a choice between a death penalty and life in prison without possibility of parole. this is also important know that many people support proposition 34 because the of not executed an innocent person in california. the state of louisiana to freedman from death row after 15 years on death row
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after being that evidence said he was at innocent. to be interesting to see what the voters decide we'll have a conversation of a supporter of the other side coming up which is a very interesting argument as well. a weather forecast is how to and we've been talking about this morning it's less hot and we thought it will be plenty warm. it is gonna take and nudge to set any records. we start out on the chilly side especially in sonoma county. if you look at the supper the picture. see that. that is cool. slightly more interesting in the '50s elsewhere in the bay area. we applaud skies of top and low clouds off shore. we finally did get a mouse a clear day in around the area and a while. and
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because of the presence of a low-cost offshore. this pacific coast air conditioner. it cannot get that high as long as you have this offshore. we'll warm- up over yesterday's high temperatures and will be even more but does not look like riddick bowe in the stratosphere with all of this. if it be a warm autumn day in the bay area with numbers approaching near 100 degrees. and on the south bay to be one. we do have limited low clouds forming offshore. amid a pinpoint forecast is 99 degrees in sacramento. 103 in redding. we of 104 in ukiah. and pinpoint forecasts for the bay area in the south bay will be in the mid-90s. we are warm and we of
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75 in the pacific. ahmanson 3 at half moon bay. we have a hundred in the up. and over in pleasanton and double mid-90s and up and not santa rosa amid 68 and 72 at the beach. will be looking for things to warm-up 204 degrees range. the be by monday and tuesday at all funny people could break and as we look ahead into the weekend. the numbers cool down and so warm 1 today yet interesting story the jet pack guy. he's back again. he flew from newport beach to catalina island and southern california straight.
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the 26 mi. trip took about four hours but it did set a world record. he made the jet pack that suck water out and should to out upon him into the air. he got up to about 12 mi. per hour into the victory lap a around the bay. the people have the time for. will take a look at the state economy and will break down the job trends and woken drops are being created an expert from st. mary's college with talk about the jobs yesterday in the jobs of today.
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welcome back. if you look at the statistics california continues to have a job to a faster rate than the rest of the nation. the state's unemployment rate was still at 10.6% which is 2% higher than united states. was behind these conflicting trends. our lows statistics. this seems to say anything about it. this california up and how we doing hired in the arrest the nation? the park is some good news and bad news story. california is adding jobs but
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we're adding tech jobs. and more losing call center jobs it just happened and comcast and livermore. and in sacramento. real losing manufacturing jobs infuse ago adding jobs but not across the border in california and a bay area paths of the bay area. and how much lower unemployment rate the national unemployment rate. but other parts of the east bay have a high of unemployment rate. is interesting statistic because the politicians and government and the san francisco mayor is all about jobs. you look at the tech. the ad tech jobs but most people just laid off during unemployment of getting the jobs or people from out of state coming in? you point to a prom. there's
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a mismatch between the people there currently unemployed and skills they have to offer than hiring businesses and skills of the auspices want. some of the tech job search spending, perhaps new colors and computer science graduates the press people coming in from out a state of getting the shop's wares people and laid off from manufacturing plant or call center do not have the skills the required to fill the shops. the will be left out. another thing with the job statistics is when the call center is closing are shifting its call centers of state. and campbell soup and the governor and the politicians create all these other jobs. my question is are the jobs your greeting now to the how to pay and benefits that the old jobs have? or the new jobs different? there's a fundamental shift in the skills that required for these new jobs. it used to be
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the case that could high-school graduate work at high school education and concurrent yourself a middle-class income and and and nothing gets no longer the case. college crash which now are being hired full-time but they're piling on part-time. index difficult to bridge over into full time because the market to benefit cost them. is not the same job as it was before. some the jobs are not available to college graduates. i have a recent college graduates were struggling to find professional jobs. there finding themselves in retail sector for example the does not require a college degree. the design had to pay and benefits for their skill set either. their two groups. the highly educated and a lower educated jobs. they're just being left out. of the middle class is being
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hollowed out. this election year for the president and mitt romney debates that comes on wednesday will hear about job creation and with the job creation or the mayor or the back to the president and should do. administration evelyn have their conquerors and on the move the economy a few degrees along the spectrum. we now states are connected them with the rest of the world and our ministrations matter which you may hear no longer control of those favors. so they may be able to the edge of recession but i cannot believe that the government is in a position and demonstration is an opposition to really try for the economy for. on the areas that do have to troll or it is the public sector jobs. does a large area in terms of the private sector.
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as we attract overall. and the big debate is are we a healthier and healthier i don't think we're attracting as many as we like. some many possesses find it expensive and to do business in california. the cost of living in california is so high. is relative to the rest the country. so this is the thinking about or locate a new facility part of the reluctance to relocate in some regions in california because it's gonna be difficult to attract workers given the cost of living you go where it is cheaper. or you even season shifts with the bay area into a central valley. is an interesting debate on this one away. the point fingers at each other all time. this interesting with the jobs are on with the arts. we of the
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professor from st. mary's stinky. and yet some other stuff coming out what may be another bounty scandal and football. and next half-hour, the southern california youth team now under investigation. the prime-time debate may be a verbal slugfest for the presidential candidates and our political insider standoff. and we're gonna go live to los angeles with pictures right now of the 405 with no traffic on the highway. will check it out as the car armageddon is coming up.
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a heated debate got out of control in the east bay between the richmond councilman and a community activist. punches were thrown and one was led away in handcuffs. as the 49ers look ahead to their new home in santa clara are insiders on the past and present and future of the bay area sports. all the details on how hot it will get coming up. welcome back to the news of the time is 9:00 good morning. a lot coming up in the next
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half-hour taking a look at the other side of the death penalty debate. proposition 34 on the ballot this november. sitting down with the district attorney from san mateo county and if you're shopping in san francisco tomorrow it's going to be a big bit of a change. no more plastic bags. also a spare the air day but were starting this morning the the campaign 2012 coverage. the republican presidential candidate mitt romney and obama are preparing for the debate this week. greta the vice president was in florida telling some older voters that republicans want to drastically change medicare and mean while call ryan hammered the obama administration on the economy. did not want to tell you that the not for medicare that there for a thing called life called doctor care. as a result of the most
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predictable economic crisis in our history and not extended a credit rating was downgraded for the first time in our history. mean while their home in their debate technique and a lot of practice sessions. that i'm getting a lot of help from the ohio senator the plays president obama and the president's preparations the massachusetts senator kerrey is standing in for mitt romney. concerns about pollution and prompting a spare the air day call in the bay area. a heat wave is upon us with air quality officials in and commit unhealthy for a second day in a row. people and fast to cut their driving to out the day and try to avoid outdoor activities during the hottest part of the afternoon. it coincides with some triple digit temperatures and wind. more on the warm up. a quick look at how woman's blouse to get in the bay area near 100 degrees isn't even as the coastline remains the place of refuge to cannot take the
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heat it to the coast wreath 75 in san francisco but the south bay mid-90s and planning warmer than santa rosa. we will warm up getting close to but not exceeding the record highs for the most part with the complete forecast coming up. in politics the rough and tumble politics the city of richmond where a fight between a council member and a local ad activist and the punches being thrown and a rest. where the emotions got of control. richmond has always been a tough town that city hall politics seem to get tough. in this latest incident the richmond activist is escorted to a police car after an altercation at the council member. following a neighborhood counseling meeting here in brickyard cove. it was recorded by a private
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contractor provided to cbs 5 by the chevron rep. i felt was going to get ugly so i chose to walk away and turn around them walked about three persons away from mr. more and about that time i felt this hickses to the back of my head and look around and as it turned i had another hit to my right temple. the richmond police told cbs 5 that a police officer observed him being insulted by more and more was arrested booked and released and in e- mail more give his version of events in the he was telling him he was displeased of the way he conducts himself and city council meetings " things got heated and i got in his face and i said mean things including calling him a bully and a coward at that point he punched me in the face and i tried to him back. he declined an on-camera interview request because of personal matters he cannot speak of still another dust up september 19th involving his friend volunteered to of staff thompson.
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thompson the city manager of the staff for brown were involved in a brief physical confrontation. when i got into it had to put jackie on leave until assault that due to the fact that this happened on city property and responsibilities as elected official and as a person as an employee there i had to make sure that employee is protected. more bay area headlines a suspicious fire in vallejo still under investigation today. officers are treating that fired at the law office of davis as possible arson and breeze and the possibility of domestic terrorism because it would allow them to bring in more federal resources. right now that are not confirming whether or not they're involved. tomorrow the suspect in a mass shooting in oakland will be back in court. he will appear in a pretrial hearing accused of killing seven people at the university in
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april pleaded not guilty and could face the death penalty if he's convicted. the nobel peace prize winner known simply as the lady in san francisco is today speaking to a past packed house at usf. greta this is what i think is most precious about the city that you are open hearted and open-minded. she is of course the political prisoner turned parliamentarian from burma and its first visit to the u.s. since 1971 in the bay area is home to about 85 and a burmese americans when of the largest committees of the country. she's my hero for all of my life so i am so proud to be breeze. one of the people that was there to rally outside the
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event 13 her to do more to protect all minorities in burma. she's headed next to los angeles. it was an amazing and then she's an amazing speaker and down to earth after everything she's been through. now moving to los angeles before something is not going to see in a long time. the 4 05 with no traffic on the heaviest travel roadways in the state. a live look what is normally a very busy freeway it's going on right now as they call it there is a construction crew going on right there with highway closed for the weekend so they can remove a bridge over crossing the report projects as a ton mile stretch of the for a five shut down until 5:00 tomorrow morning. a big turnout for a bay area tradition. still coming up thousands of people show up for the annual walk to end all timers. the debate of the california death penalty the
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group's the city needed the safe up sake of public safety. if the district attorney coming up next.
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of a beautiful sunday in the bay area getting close to record highs as you look and numbers within a degree or two of highs in most locations.
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were suspended coach in southern california over alleged bounties' can no this time it involves kids a former assistant coach of the red cobras says other coaches on the team offered him 20 bucks at the made big hits the " six parents and players describing the bounty program with the head coach calls the claim on cents. i think that they're not trumped up charges and i think he made them up and is said and wrote them down on paper and submitted then i believe to national pop warner nothing like that ever happened on my team. greta they found the claims to be on bounded but last week the national organization stepped in suspending the coach and the local league president and launch their own investigation. tomorrow and send the school will begin enforcing the ban on
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plastic bags and not composed of all. a point all retail stores and food establishments across the city with also attends cent charge for any other bag that is provided to customers last week a judge denied a motion to put the new ban on hold. if you to step out what p going to look at probably warm weather today i think if we've communicated the fact that it's warming up and i've done my job. the members of livermore woman up to 65 degrees and up and send rosa it got off to a cool start today. everybody will be warming up to the near record high territory as the high pressure of the pacific northwest built-in but the lookup cover hung in overnight lingering just off shore and what everyone has sunshine right now the presence of the local cover me for not calling to be scratching the hot. we would just be plain hot.
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the numbers in the mid-90s in your would decrease in the end of the south they plan to warm in the far east antioch would degrees and 100 fairfield and one of and to print what and 95 to chaplain and 95 for pleasanton. if you want relief head to the shore. in san francisco today 75 degrees and 74 at daly city. will probably be close to where we are today the numbers and for relief looked wednesday and thursday and by the end of the week back to the mid '80s and then were rejected a plan to arm tomorrow but this september and october will get warm today. definitely heating up in the campaign trail because president obama and mitt romney planning for the first face-to- face debate in denver. at looking into sports but
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this is like my super bowl. we sat down with a political pinsetter willie brown and said watch for obama's to lead against the ropes while mitt romney comes out swinging on the economy hitting hard early to try to knock obama office game. it's an old expression in the underdog comes out swinging in order to knock the champion off the idea is for obama i've read the to come out swinging hard early because of medical preparing depth against the ropes 11 tickets best punches and then you come in with your argument. obama will probably take mitt romney into foreign policy issue is not quite as comfortable with as president obama. we will see how but those 60 million people are expected to watch. we will maybe see a shift among californians and comes to the death penalty voters will have the final sow proposition 34, the end of capital punishment showing its statistical tie on
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that ballot measure 45 percent with to keep capital punishment important to what to ban it well within the poll's margin of error and 13 percent of people a still undecided. we heard from supporters of the measure the last half hour and now returning to the opponents of proposition 34. one of them is the cemetery district attorney who sat down with israel this morning to share his thoughts on why he thinks we should keep capital punishment and voted against proposition 34. we heard the argument before the its costly and not they say it's not a deterrent and also moral questions. grit of those three reasons to just stated one of them is what people should be voting on the third one whether or not is the right punishment when it is moral or religious if people don't believe it is they should vote against it if they believe it is in californians traditionally have so done that should be kept and that's what ought to be the issue but instead they try to turn it into the first two things.
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number one it's not a deterrent that is an empty argument because no study can be done to say whether it is a deterrent because the people are deterred are not coming for to tell us it clearly is not something we could ever know on deterrence and the first part of the saving of the money it's an empty argument there has been three separate independent studies done and how much money would be saved the varied $85 million between the top one in the last one they're simply not based on reality. boaters should not vote on that basis. you want to see the death penalty carried out and use the voters should make that choate choice for themselves but the problem is it's not going on right now nobody has been executed in years and the whole process is frozen. it's not going on why not get rid of it. greta that's sort of like saying for all those years the forty- niners were lousy team which and i've done is gone out and tried to recruit them should just
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close the teens down. i don't have the pessimism that many do that whether we can fix this i think weekend if we have leadership and if we have our political leaders truly would say that the voters of spoken now let's go fix it because i believe it can be done and i do believe that if that is the political will of our leaders will step up and do the right thing to work with everybody on all sides and say here's what can be done to make this better than we could have a viable death penalty. are the latest the state whether it's governor brown or the attorney general they have differing views in the death penalty. as governor she is trying to be more neutral about it but how does that play into carrying out the death penalty in california with our problem
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carried out is that the people that were opposed to it include both people on the defense side and judges and have been successful in this new terminal delays it does not have to excess their states plenty of states and talking states like ohio that have been successful in moving it along the beach at the speed it originally intended but it can be done. coming up next looking at all of the new work on the 49ers' new home in the south bay. with a special present for the a's player that helped the team keeps its playoff dreams alive.
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cousins and this is good took part in the box and all timers the money raised is used for care support and research. it began and ended at mission
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creek park and took place all along the waterfront. keeping a postseason dreams alive and kicking. struggling us a chance to come the padre's although the scheme did not that much. breaking it down to us and the sports. good morning. for the case it's all about the post-season and moved a little bit closer. gave in tied it for the 10th and ran and got his pitch and smacked the no daughter to give the a's the 74 walk off win. pretty much know it does with everything if you know that. in just a rain doubling a double header later on today. given an earlier three at the giants' lead to lasting only four innings when on to beat the giants of this court seven to three. ryder cup team usa on a roll. they need just for a half more
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points to go on and take the cup. other rarefaction things didn't go so well he took on a s u but that's about as close as he gets three points because kelly he falls 2717 and no one in four of the year. the san jose state state no touchdowns but their defense was outstanding today with the pressure cooker lopez hitting all four of his field goals to beat navy by 12 to nothing. later today the raiders to take on denver and the 49ers will be playing in new york taking on the jets. watch oakland take on the broncos on cbs 5 at 1 this afternoon followed by the fifth quarter with clint live in denver. curzon been working around the clock on the foreigners to a football stadium in santa clara the goal is to have it open by 2014 just around the corner.
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a 15% completed so far the workers run double shifts six days a week to get the job done and the still from is going up quickly with 47 escalator's installed and plumbers have leveled several miles of pipe. many people the group with the 49 years in san francisco and our little intimate about the cost going down there paying thousands of dollars for the seats. returned to the former mayor of the police chief who remembers a time when the team was a lot more affordable even free to go see. mayor christopher back then oak owns the mill company and there was a ticket on the milk carton that you could cut out and got you into the stadium to sit in the bleachers for free. you could go to any foreigner game that you wanted. will there really was a community team is it still are they still or is a moving to santa clara changing things
9:23 am
out i don't think and has the same flavor as it had in the days of which we were it was a community based team to walk to the stadium didn't drive to the stadium this sat on the bench seats splinters' could easily be your experience for that day and there wasn't anything other than full participation with the guys on the field which you that close to them. its interest in the giants have sort of become the last 10 years after both in the park had become some ways the export team in the city. everybody seems to relate to the giants. i'm a city kid the giants quod a candlestick and after a member of the 7000 seat stadium we have 40,000 looked like it was half full because it was half full.
9:24 am
and they win. of the playoffs at this time the twentysomething. reed of the energy we talk about that second week in in october you would think there's only one weekend in the year that the city is just going to be the energy and the city is awesome and giants are home and answer home in north beach is going to be crazy i don't think there is a city employee that's not working on that second weekend. these days when a big game is around be there or take the day off. i'm planning on having everything that we can decline to be a great weekend to be the chief of police. he said everything every weekend come up a look at the top
9:25 am
stories include a major accident and downtown san francisco with developing news to people trapped in their cars. whittle vallejo of stories may be looking for federal help for their investigation to weaken fire involved in the mayor's office.
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this just in we are learning of the serious accident in downtown san francisco a short time ago up battery and greene streets to cars involved with three ambulances on the scene right now to people are trapped inside the vehicles was an act of arson investigators and the mayor. they're asking the feds to come in and help. we have a warm up.
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in a mostly sunny on the bay area the temperatures today near when it degrees out and look ahead calling for things to cool down but your point have to wait until wednesday. 100 and livermore. for a serious dog lover watching your pet roughing it in a regular kennel his plan offensive. contract to take your best friend with you when you visit the big apple a luxury hotel just for dogs offered privacy to zero double beds and televisions a generous of service and pedicures the dog. suites ranging from $79 to $200 per night my cat is happy with a brown cardboard box. thanks for joining us.
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this book is the most exciting, optimistic, hopeful manuscript that has ever been written. i challenge you. get up from the depths of despair and defeat. square your shoulders. lift your head. our blessed hope, jesus christ, the author and the finisher of our faith, will keep us safe. get excited about your future. if god is in your future, you have no limit in your future.


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